Bill of Lading Authorization

1Name of vessel and voyage number.
2Name of the shipping company.
3Date of submission.
4Number of the Declaration of Goods.
5Number of the container, weight, number of packages, customhouse stamp and description of the goods.
6Declaration Number for the Registration and Control of Exports (DEPREX) or the Shipping Permit issued by ANACAFÉ.
Steps to follow

1. Go to the Customs office where you entered the country.

What do I get?

An original shipping list duly signed and sealed by the official of SAT.

Special Cases
  1. You must submit 2 lists in original.
  2. You must display the goods to be shipped.

Offices or Agencies for
perform the procedure

Central Region

  • Galerías Prima
  • Plaza San Rafael
  • Pacific Villa Hermosa
  • Chimaltenango
  • El Progreso
  • Sacatepéquez

Procedure for authorized third parties:

  • Plaza San Rafael (Anexo)

Western Region

  • Quetzaltenango
  • Huehuetenango
  • San Marcos
  • Quiche
  • Sololá
  • Totonicapán

Northeast Region

  • Zacapa
  • Baja Verapaz
  • Alta Verapaz
  • Jalapa
  • Petén
  • Izabal
  • Chiquimula

Southern Region

  • Escuintla
  • Retalhuleu
  • Jutiapa
  • Santa Rosa
  • Suchitepéquez