Request for a Certificate of Merceological Analysis Test

1Submit a letter of request to the Customs Intendancy/Chemical Laboratory of the Tax Authority, which must include the following: (see special cases).
2Technical Sheet of the goods with specifications, composition (for preparations or mixed products is necessary to give the composition in percentages when applicable), use and presentation, catalogs, manuals related to the merchandise.
3Make your payment through the SAT-8028 Form, available in Declaraguate.
The cost of each analysis is Q. 500.00

  • Payments must be made individually (one receipt per sample).
Steps to follow

Go to the Chemical Laboratory of the Tax Authority.

What do I get?
  • Test Certificate of the sample submitted.
  • Merceological Technical Opinion (absence of sample).
  • Tariff Classification Resolution (for both cases).
Special Cases

1. At the time of your import you must pay the Custom Duties on the Import (DAI) and Value Added Tax (VAT).

2. Letter of Request to the Customs Intendancy/Chemical Laboratory of the Tax Authority, which should include:

  • Complete name and surname of the petitioner.
  • Name of the company or importer.
  • Commercial name of the importing company.
  • If you act through your Customs Broker or your Legal Representative, you must indicate your general data such as your age, marital status, nationality, profession or occupation.
  • Place to receive notifications.
  • When acting in representation, you must attach the accreditation of your legal capacity or your Legal Representation.
  • Tax Identification Number (NIT)
  • Registered domicile of the taxpayer.
  • Telephone or fax number.
  • Email.
  • Indicate in the request a relationship of the facts regarding your petition by providing the name of the goods to import with the manufacturer or provider’s specifications (safety technical sheets are not accepted). Article 122 of the Tax Code.
  • Attach the product’s representative sample. The quantity, dimension or volume of the sample that you must submit, you may take as a reference the list published in the procedure PR-IAD / DNO-DE-04. Procedure for the extraction of samples.

Offices or Agencies for
perform the procedure

Central Region

  • Laboratorio Químico Fiscal