Authorization of Invoices Self Printers in Virtual Agency

1You must have Virtual Agency, If you do not have it, click here to request it.
1You must have Virtual Agency, If you do not have it, click here to request it.
Steps to follow

1. Enter:

2. Choose: Virtual Agency

  • Enter User: Tax Identification number (without dashes)
  • Enter: Password

3. Choose the option: Virtual Agency

  • Click on: Menu
  • Search the option: Registry of Printing Houses.
  • Choose the option: Authorization of Documents

4. Visualize the form SAT-157 “Authorization of Invoices”.

  • The NIT and name of the Self printer will be shown.
  • Choose the type of printer: Self printer.
  • The active establishments which have authorization for a cash register, Computer System as Active Cash register and/or Integrated Accounting Computer System.
  • Choose the type of document, according to the chosen establishment and Authorized Active System.
  • The list of resolutions of the computerized cash registers authorized or Active Systems will appear

5. Choose the Resolution of Computerized Cash register authorized or Active Systems.

  • Enter the amount and series of the documents.
  • Click on validate
  • Click on “yes submit”
  • Click on “Print Authorization Page”

6. Complete the procedure and print the Authorization Page , which you or your legal representative have to sign.

What do I get?

You will get the Authorization Page of Invoices and other documents that must be signed by the taxpayer or by the Legal Representative.

Special Cases

1. The Self printers are compelled to verify that the documents they self-print comply with the requirements established by the Law and the corresponding Regulations.

Offices or Agencies for
perform the procedure